Serving Veterans through community resources by providing assistance and education to the community.

Organizing community resources around our Veterans: VBH is filling a crucial void in the community by organizing, validating, and demystifying the many resources in Charlotte that help Military and Veteran families. By creating a virtual rolodex and confirming organizations do what they say they do, we can provide quality, reliable support for Military and Veteran families across the community.

VBH works with best-in-class providers throughout the Charlotte region by identifying their unique services, ensuring they are culturally competent to serve Military and Veteran families and raising the awareness of those services throughout the Military and Veteran community. VBH educates and connects providers to one another, allowing them to remain subject matter experts. VBH coordinates a network of public, private and non-profit organizations working together to serve the Charlotte-area Veteran community.

VBH has empowered this network with the technological and informational resources needed to efficiently and effectively guide Veterans to the most appropriate services and resources. We currently have relationships with 60+ of the highest performing service providers in the Charlotte region to offer efficient and accurate cross referrals, share insights and learnings about serving the Veteran community, and work together to improve the overall quality and transparency of services offered to the Veteran community.



VBH provides a focused and deliberate Veteran referral system so that providers only receive appropriate and eligible Veterans.


Partner providers can efficiently and effectively find the additional services their clients need by relying upon VBH’s knowledge of the community.


At a time when there are over 46,000 agencies assisting Veterans it is important to align with quality partners, VBH provides the local leadership and vetting to do so.