Paul Berry

Regional Network Director

Blake Bourne

Executive Director

Steven Cole

VP of Advancement

Brooke Dickhart

Brooke Dickhart

Triangle Community Network Director

Nicole French, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

Al Lampkins

Al Lampkins

Fayetteville Community Network Director

Bryce Humphreys

Coordination Center Manager

Thomas L. Jacobs II

Community Liaison/ Care Coordinator

Barbara Leggett-Vann

Barbara Leggett-Vann

Triangle Community Care Coordinator

Jodi Lich

Office & Events Manager

Starr Peña-Johnson

Community Engagement and Advocacy Manager

Bill Marsh

Bill Marsh

Upstate South Carolina Community Care Coordinator

Jessica Salinas

Fayetteville Community Care Coordinator

Cory Spoor

Triad Community Network Director

Peter Vacho

VP of Operations

Diane Weekley, BCC

Network Director

Dwayne Wells

Care Coordinator