1. Who do you serve?

Current service members, veterans, veteran spouses, caregivers, and loved ones

2. Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Not directly, but because of our role as a community coordination center we do connect veterans and families to organizations who do provide that kind of assistance. .

3. Do you provide housing?

We provide screenings for the federal Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program and coordinate with local housing resources when SSVF is not an option.

4. Do your services extend only to Veterans?

No, we serve veterans and their families.

5. Are your services available to Gold Star and White star families?


6. Is there a discharge status required for your services?

Is there a discharge status required for your services?: No, we serve veterans with all characterization of service. As a collective impact organization that coordinates support through existing programs, we will do our best to connect you with community resources that will support your needs.

7. Do you serve Veterans with a felony?


8. What is the income threshold, if any, required to be eligible for your services?

There are no requirements to connect to Veterans Bridge Home or to NC Serves.

9. What wartime eras do you serve?

All eras are supported

10. Is combat deployment required for your services?:


11. Are National Guard Members eligible?


12. Is there a minimum active duty time required to be eligible?


13. When should I expect to hear back to hear back from someone?

Generally, you should expect a call back within 24-48 hours but right now due to COVID-19 call volumes are higher so it could take a little bit longer. For better connection possibilities please make sure you provide us with a phone number & email address so if we miss your call, we can email you to schedule a timeframe that works better for you.

14. What is VBH's Donor Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy?