1. Who do you serve?

At Veterans Bridge Home, our dedicated mission is to serve Veterans, military personnel, and their cherished family members. We proudly extend our support to the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces, ensuring that they and their families receive the assistance and resources they deserve.

2. Do you offer Financial Assistance?

We understand the importance of financial well-being for Veterans, military members, and their families. We do not direct financial assistance, but to address this crucial need, we have established strategic partnerships with remarkable organizations, pooling credible resources to offer financial assistance to the community we serve. Our collaborative efforts ensure that those who have served, and their families, can access the support they require.

3. Do you provide housing?

At Veterans Bridge Home, while we don't provide direct housing, we are steadfast in our commitment to assisting Veterans and military members in securing safe and sustainable housing solutions. Through strategic collaborations with government agencies, private entities, and other non-profit organizations, we leverage a network of programs to facilitate access to housing resources. Our mission is to guide and support Veterans and military members in finding suitable housing options, fostering a sense of security and stability.

4. Do your services extend only to Veterans?

At Veterans Bridge Home, our commitment extends beyond serving just Veterans; we proudly provide support to military members and their families. Our inclusive approach encompasses Veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their cherished family members, including Gold Star and White Star families. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we strive to create a supportive community that embraces all those connected to the military.

5. Are your services available to Gold Star and White star families?


6. Is there a discharge status required for your services?

No. Our commitment to inclusivity means that we support Veterans with all characterizations of service. As a collective impact organization, we operate by coordinating support through existing programs, ensuring that we can connect you with a wide range of community resources tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have an honorable discharge, received a less-than-honorable discharge, or fall into any other category, our goal is to assist you on your journey by facilitating access to the support and resources you deserve.

7. Do you serve Veterans with a felony?

Yes. We understand the unique challenges that Veterans with criminal backgrounds may face, and we are committed to offering assistance and resources to help them reintegrate into society successfully. Our comprehensive programs are designed to address the diverse needs of all Veterans, ensuring that they have access to the support necessary for a positive transition.

8. What is the income threshold, if any, required to be eligible for your services?

While some housing resources may have income restrictions or thresholds, there are no income restrictions to access our comprehensive range of services. Our goal is to support Veterans and their families without imposing financial barriers, fostering a community where assistance is readily available to all.

9. Does it matter when a Veteran served or if they were deployed to be eligible for your services?

It sure doesn't! At Veterans Bridge Home, inclusivity is at the core of our mission. We proudly extend assistance to all Veterans, irrespective of wartime service era, length of service, or combat deployment status. We believe in serving those who have served, regardless of when, where, or how long they dedicated themselves to military service. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring that every Veteran receives the support they deserve.

10. Are National Guard Members eligible?

Yes, National Guard members are eligible for assistance through our comprehensive programs. Whether you're an active National Guard member or a veteran transitioning from the National Guard, our commitment remains steadfast.

11. Is there a minimum active duty time required to be eligible?


12. When should I expect to hear back to hear back from someone?

Generally, you should expect a call back within 24-48 hours but right now due to COVID-19 call volumes are higher so it could take a little bit longer. For better connection possibilities please make sure you provide us with a phone number & email address so if we miss your call, we can email you to schedule a timeframe that works better for you.

13. What is VBH's Donor Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy?

14. I sent in a request for assistance. What should I expect next?

Our commitment to prompt and personalized support means that you should anticipate a call back from one of our experienced intake coordinators within 48-72 business hours. Following the initial intake, you can expect to be contacted by one of our dedicated case managers or the appropriate staff member. This personalized approach ensures the best resource navigation tailored to your unique needs. At Veterans Bridge Home, we strive to make the assistance process seamless and responsive, guiding you through the next steps in your journey. Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to supporting you.