Connecting Veterans with one another, creating multiple opportunities to meet others.

VBH works with Veterans and their families to identify and prioritize their goals, then educates them on the resources available to reach those goals before finally connecting them to community resources, as well as other Veterans, to create a holistic network of support.

VBH's targeted and personalized approach to support includes networking with fellow Veterans, resume assistance and mock interviews, employment search support, counseling as well as connections to appropriate providers. We bring the community to the Veteran and simplify the transition by assessing their needs and deploying community resources as needed on an individualized basis.

So, why do we "get to know" everyone in our Veteran community? It is not uncommon that a member of our Veteran community has goals or requires services beyond the initial discussion. VBH knows that to be a successful member of the community we need to look at your family holistically in order to seamlessly refer Veterans and their families to other organizations who provide the appropriate services.

VBH ensures that Veterans are referred only to providers who:

  • Can best address your specific needs and goals
  • Have confirmed capacity to serve you
  • Provide services for which you are eligible
  • Are as conveniently located as possible
  • Communicate with one another to ensure solutions work

Join VBH for their Veteran-focused events, from workouts and lunches to family friendly and community building events.