Employment support is our 2nd most requested service at approximately 25% of all requests each quarter. To address these needs Veterans Bridge Home works with Veterans and families, nonprofits who offer employment readiness mentoring and training, and employers seeking to hire Veterans and their families.

To do this, we created the Carolina Alliance for Veteran Employment (CAVE); consisting of more than 200 of the best employers in the Carolinas who have demonstrated a Veteran Initiative commitment in hiring and retaining Veterans and military spouses. We directly support these businesses by educating and informing their talent acquisition and hiring managers and teams on how and why hiring veterans and military family members benefits their company - both in revenue and in culture.

Veterans Bridge Home also works with the best, local non-profits who specialize in employment readiness and ensures Veterans and families seeking work are job ready. Some of these organizations are listed here.

For those job-ready Veterans, we provide direct support through local, curated hiring expos, mentorship programs, continuing job readiness training, and personal referrals with the best companies in the Carolinas.

By focusing exclusively on the local market, we develop personal relationships with talent acquisition representatives and hiring managers. It also means that we know the Veterans and families we are recommending to companies. Being in the market we ensure that those looking for a new career receive the specific support they need, a connection to the employer who best fits their career goals and reduces the amount of time he/she is looking for work. Best said; "We are a matchmaker"!

· Do you have Veteran ready jobs you're looking to fill?

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