Who We Are: At Veterans Bridge Home, we are dedicated to providing essential employment support to Service Members, Veterans, and their families. As a prominent bridge between these individuals and the workforce, we facilitate connections with nonprofit organizations offering job readiness resources and businesses interested in hiring Veterans.

Employment Support Impact: Our employment support service ranks as the second most sought-after assistance, comprising around 25% of total quarterly requests. We understand the significance of a successful transition to civilian employment, and we're here to ensure that Veterans and their families have the resources and opportunities they need.

Building Alliances for Success: We have spearheaded a powerful alliance comprising more than 1,500 local employers across the Carolinas. These companies share our commitment to embracing Veterans and military families in their workforce. We adopt a proactive approach, cultivating relationships with hiring managers and talent acquisition teams. Our mission is to educate them about the numerous benefits, including financial gains and enriched company culture, that arise from employing Veterans.

Collaborative Network: Our network extends to over 500 esteemed local nonprofits specializing in employment readiness. This collaborative effort guarantees that Veterans and families seeking employment receive the necessary skills for a triumphant career path. Through tailored job expos, mentoring initiatives, continuous job readiness training, and personalized referrals, we equip individuals for success across North and South Carolina.

Localized Approach: What sets us apart is our localized strategy. We establish dedicated teams in each market we serve, enabling us to cultivate personal relationships with decision-makers in hiring. This approach not only helps us truly understand the aspirations of Veterans and families but also ensures that the support we provide is tailored and effective.

Get in Touch: Whether you have job opportunities suitable for Veterans, are interested in learning more about hiring these dedicated individuals, are ready to welcome military candidates into your workforce, or aim to initiate a Veteran Employee Resource Group, we invite you to contact us through the link below. Let's work together to empower Veterans, military families, and businesses across the Carolinas.

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