Veterans Bridge Home Announces July Veteran of the Month

CHARLOTTE, NC (July 15, 2019) - Veterans Bridge Home (VBH) is proud to announce Sherri Thompson as our July Veteran of the Month.

Thompson is a former U.S. Navy Seaman and present leader in the community who has a passion for veterans and serving.

Living in Charlotte for four years now, Sherri has had a great impact on the veterans and community around her. She is a mentor to veterans who have recently been diagnosed with legal blindness as she dedicates her time to making sure they are given the best care possible. Sherri is then in charge of improving their overall services and making sure they get what they deserve. She has touched countless lives in this manner and continues to do so.

Taking it a step further, every month Thompson makes birthday calls to veterans with vision loss. Ask anyone and they will say Thompson constantly spends her time making sure veterans are getting attention they need. Her social work and thoughtful attention show her passion for helping others.

Thompson's time in the Navy ended early when she was diagnosed with visual impairment. However, her military career offered enriching experiences, including pioneering services on ships that had been exclusively staffed by men in the past. Breaking through these barriers and making an impact on the sea helped to inspire Thompson later to love veteran work.

Thompson is an Accredited Service Officer and assists with vision-related claims, making sure others can receive everything they should. Thompson also serves on the Mecklenburg board that is tasked with improving access for persons with disabilities in Mecklenburg County, making an incredible impact in the community in this way as the board pushes past boundaries and opens opportunities for the visually impaired.
Her indomitable spirit leads her to an adventurous lifestyle doing activities such as kayaking, tandem biking,
speed walking, and blind disc golf. Thanks to her partnership with rehabilitation facilities such as Veterans Affairs (VA), she is thriving and can give back to her community.

Thompson was appointed to the ADA Board by Council Woman Lawana Mayfield, and Thompson is a certified mentor through the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA). The BVA is an association that works closely with blinded veterans to file VA claims, access benefits, and learn about social support groups and other community
engagement activities.

Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Thompson participates in advocacy and mentoring, as well as leading adjustment group therapy sessions. She has won many awards in social work and has won community awards for advocacy.

Volunteering her own time, putting veterans first, and mentoring others are just snapshots of Thompson's work for veterans and her community. Her work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and many veterans can attest her growing impact. Veterans Bridge Home is proud to highlight her achievements.

For additional information or to schedule interviews, contact Steven Cole, VP of Advancement, Veterans Bridge Home 703-835-2826

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